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        Mainly engaged in integrated circuits,electronic components of the R & D, manufacturing, processing, sales
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        Zhejiang Micro-electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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        Zhejiang microelectronics technology co., LTD is located in the "holy tide","leather" Zhejiang Haining, located in Jiaxing Haining Economic Development Zone of Haining City, East 120 kilometers away from Shanghai, 60 kilometers from Hangzhou to the west, the transportation is convenient. Mainly engaged in integrated circuits,electronic components of the R & D, manufacturing, processing, sales, as a high-techenterprise, can provide design services and consulting the relevant development and related technical support for customers, including various types of IC, the industry mainstream design process support, layout design, testing and packaging services.

        Integrated circuit of the main development and production of consumer electronicproducts and transistor, semiconductor discrete devices optoelectronic components,products have been successfully applied in the intelligent toys, lighting, LED drive,electronic clock, battery charger, remote control, computer peripherals,semiconductor lighting, power management etc.. The company adopts an integrated circuit package production process advanced, leading test technology, now have to produce 50000000 pieces of production capacity. The company will also continue toexpand production capacity, plans in three years in the capacity to produce250000000 pieces.

        Leading enterprises of the company will strive to create a microelectronic industry,become a genuine partnership customers, can grow up together with the customers.


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